Gold Filled Wire and Findings:   

A lot of fashion jewelry is made with gold filled wire these days. Gold filled wire is not “filled with gold”  but has a layer of gold bonded onto the wire, which is usually silver or brass.  Gold filled wire has much more gold than gold plated. It is actually 20% 14 K gold by weight. The gold will not tarnish or rub off or flake off. It’s the look for less, but with quality!

Semi-Precious Stones:  

I buy stones based on their looks, not on their supposed value or precious quality. If it looks gorgeous and is something I would want to wear I will use it. All of the stones are actual semi-precious stones, not crystal or glass, and some stones have been dyed or irradiated. 

hand made quality: 

All items are hand made here in the great US of A, and are mostly made to order. There are not big quantities of each item just laying around waiting for massive orders. Also, there will be slight variations in stone size and color based on available supplies and no two items will be “identical” because they are made one at a time. These factors may cause some delay in shipping if larger quantities are involved. We do our very best to ensure that if there will be any delay or problem we will communicate the situation to you accurately and in a timely manner.

Jewelry Care:  

Caring for hand made jewelry is simple—err on the side of caution. Try to store your jewelry in an enclosed container—even a zip lock bag. Using bags with specially made anti tarnish cloth or adding the anti tarnish paper to your zip lock is even better! Keeping your jewelry away from chlorine—pools and hot tubs—and other chemicals like sunscreen, hairspray and perfume. Put that amazing jewelry on LAST—after you are all dolled up. Be extra careful removing coats and sweaters if your bracelet is still on your arm. Silver especially likes to tarnish if not maintained properly. If your silver lovelies do tarnish, never fear. Using a commercial silver jewelry cleaner, an old toothpaste and toothbrush, or a cleaning cloth all will work to make your silver jewelry shine like new again. Bracelets especially seem to take a beating, especially during cold weather as coats and sweaters become de rigueur.  

Necklace Lengths:  

Most of our necklaces come with either sterling silver or gold filled clasps.  Most also come 18” in length. That said, there is a world of possibilities. Are you a gold snob and require 14 or 18K gold in your life?  We can help. Do you like to wear your necklaces a little shorter or a little longer?  We are a little picky about that around here too. Let us know what you need and we will be glad to help.