The History 

Starting this endeavor was a natural evolution. My mom took a class on earring making and decided that “we girls” needed to learn how to do this. We could make earrings every morning to match our outfits if we wanted was her selling point. Well, I enjoyed doing it and had a definite type and style that I wanted to achieve. When I finally took an “official” jewelry making class, I knew I wanted the “real” thing—sterling silver, semi-precious stones, pearls. I wanted to actually wear my creation—not stick it in the bottom of a drawer. Friends and family soon asked to buy pieces and/or hoped they would be gifted at some point. I got a call to bring items to our art museum for their annual holiday sale. I did my first couple of art shows in northern Michigan and people bought more than I expected. As my sales grew, my sources got better and more reliable. My first wholesale orders came from a local fashion forward women’s boutique. This connection has helped me refine the retail end of my business and pushed me to stay ahead of trends. I love this work—the creativity, the sourcing, the idea generation, and the nitty gritty.

A Note on the Design StylE:

I try to let the stones speak for themselves and not complicate the designs with extra beads and do-dads. Nature made these gorgeous stones and I just wanted to wear them—without hiding them or making them secondary to any fussy design. 

Why I do this

I love creating beautiful things, wearing them, getting compliments, hearing about the compliments others get, creating beautiful items for others.  I love being part of something special for others—special birthdays, weddings, graduations.  The best might be when a woman buys a special piece for themselves!  Love it!  It is such an honor to have my work be given with love and worn by vibrant women.   


My daughters, who are two strong, smart chicas.

My mom, who has always been one to watch.

My friends—whatever their styles, they are, to a person, inspiring and supportive. You know who you are, ladies. 

The men in my life are incredibly stylish and visual. I appreciate so much that my husband doesn’t want to be stuck in a look from high school or college days and that my son wants to wear my “man” jewelry. My son has that certain “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to design and trends. I certainly feel the love from them. Thanks guys.